Who Am I?

Karen Beltran is a mom, an attorney, an education advocate, an immigrant, a union member, a homeowner and a lifelong Democrat.

She attended Yonkers Public Schools, SUNY Purchase College and SUNY Buffalo School of Law. She has three children (23, 20, and 11) and a life partner of 21 years.

I care about issues facing the families and children of Yonkers including, but not, limited to:

  • Improving our schools
  • Attracting and retaining good paying jobs for Yonkers residents
  • Public safety
  • Ensuring the availability of affordable housing for all
  • Fair economic development that immediately benefits all residents
  • Availability of quality community services
  • Civic engagement
  • The arts

And everything that will allow Yonkers to reach its full potential.

#Courage. #Community. #Change. #Yonkers

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